Our Co-Trainers

Pushover - he isn't quite as easy going as his name implies!
Pushover joined us in 2006 when he retired from professional team chasing after a fantastic racing career. He is a celebrity in his own right and his growing fan base could often find him mentioned and photographed in the Horse and Hound. He is a much loved part of the Horses for Courses™ team and is the calming influence to the younger, bouncier Zodiac.
Name: Pushover
Family: Thoroughbred
Country of birth: France
Job Title: Human Teacher
Loves:  Strolling, Carrots, Reiki
Zodiac - can't tell the future but can influence yours...
Zodiac joined the team in 2005, flying all the way from Alberta Canada where he lived on the Lazy M Ranch and ran with a herd of 54 horses. He provides the comedic influence to the team and takes his ‘challenging’ responsibilities very seriously.
Name: Zodiac
Family: Canadian Quarter Horse
Country of birth: Canada
Job Title: Human Challenger
Loves:  Nose butting, Eating, Massages


Hookey Hoo - a trainer that won't let off the hook to play 'hookey'
hookey-co-trainer-169x220 Hookey Hoo is a very handsome addition to the team. He’s very sensitive and great at reading people. A gentle character that likes to please, he perceives his role as being one of inspiring confidence and is endlessly patient.
Name: Hookey Hoo
Family: Connemara
Country of birth: Ireland
Job Title: Human Confidence Giver
Loves:  People, Cuddles, Scratching
Flo - just like her namesake she'll 'nurse' you through painlessly
Flo is an interesting character. Whilst she comes across as totally confident, underneath she’s looking for a lot of reassurance. Once you’ve won her trust, she’s totally loyal and won’t want to leave your side.
Name: Flo
Family: Welsh Section A/D
Country of birth: Wales
Job Title: Team Creator
Loves:  Affection, Apples, Chilling out


Amy - in French (Aimée) means beloved - what better relatonship can you ask for from a co-trainer?
amy-co-trainer-169x220 Amy is a gentle pony and a great addition to the team. She genuinely wants to please and loves all the attention she gets. She’s very forgiving and understanding when people are learning and, more often than not, wins the hearts of all who meet her.
Family: Dartmoor
Country of birth: English
Job Title: People Pleaser
Loves:  People, Cuddles, Carrots,
Betty - no way you can say boo to her and get away with it! But she'll get you animated...
betty-co-trainer-169x220 It’s easy to make judgements about horses in the same way as we do about people! Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the same goes for Betty. She’s is a much-loved member of the team and the smallest — though her personality certainly compensates for her size.
Name: Betty
Family: Shetland
Country of birth: England
Job Title: Diva
Loves:  Eating, Sleeping, Playing


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