Lisa Brice

Let me set the scene. I’m in Alberta in Canada. It’s a wet and windy spring morning at the Lazy M Ranch. The rain is stinging my face and I can sense myself starting to tense up as the young horse is refusing to follow me.

The wind picks up and really rattles the window and door to the narrow corridor leading into the indoor school. I’m criticising myself again “You should be able to get this horse to follow you, you’re a qualified riding instructor, surely you can’t be this pathetic?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Lane approaching. He has the situation appraised in one glance. I watch him take the horse, move him around a bit, and then like a little lamb, the horse follows him into the school!



I think it was in that moment I decided, “I want to have that kind of relationship with my horses”. If it wasn’t then, it was certainly cemented during the next 7 hours when I watched, spellbound, as Lane trimmed his horses’ feet in a way I’d never seen a farrier work before!

As I started to learn Lane and Margie Moore’s version of Natural Horsemanship, I quickly saw links between the horse work and the training and coaching work I was doing back in the UK. And so, Horses for Courses® was conceived. This approach is certainly very different to the training I had as a BHS riding instructor.


Since that fateful day in 2002, I have spent much of my time observing horses in the wild and in domesticated situations, rethinking some of my old ways of handling horses, taking lessons and courses, testing new techniques and exploring different theories about how best to communicate effectively with horses.


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