Being in a peak performance state is often referred to as being in a ‘state of flow’ or ‘in the zone’. At HeartMath® we call it ‘coherence’ – an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in sync and are balanced.

Horses are masters at living in the ‘now’. As prey animals, their survival depends on it. Their primary instinct is awareness and their second is flight. Their brains are configured in such a way that they don’t ruminate about the past or worry about the future.

Horses are in a natural state of high coherence, and through a process of entrainment, our human brains and hearts sync with their natural rhythm, leaving us feeling calm and able to think more clearly.

Horses don’t distinguish their emotions from their behaviour, so they give us immediate feedback when they interact with us. Working with horses gives you a powerful opportunity to be really present and connect with others with complete transparency.

As a licensed HeartMath® 1:1 Coach and Group Provider, we specialise in using a scientifically validated system of techniques and technologies that will help you to transform your stress, build your resilience and boost your performance.

The HeartMath® tools, techniques and feedback technologies we use enable you to create peak performance on demand.

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