Why Horses

Working with our horses in this unique and special way can show you what you truly need to do in order to lead, inspire, congruently communicate, engender a sense of belonging, and create willing followers.  Here are some of reasons why we love working with our horse “co-trainers”:

Horses take you as they find you!
Horses take you as they find you because they have no preconceived ideas. They are not influenced by who you are, your job title, the house you live in, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the holiday you went on, or the size of your bank account. Just you.They live in the moment and will give you immediate and honest feedback about your personal impact and how you are relating to them. They don’t separate their emotions from their behaviour and they will read straight through any smoke screens you may be putting up.
Ever looked in a mirror and wondered how others see you?
We have discovered that interacting with the horses illuminates your unconscious and default patterns of behaviour in a way that provides you with real clarity – The horses act a bit like that mirror- the way you approach horses is often how you approach other relationships and interactions.Because horses are individuals, it is easy to make connections between communicating with them and communicating with people. As the old adage says: “The art of communication is not treating someone how you would like to be treated, it is more: it is treating them how they would like to be treated”.You can’t hide anything from horses by the way you move and act – consciously or sub-consciously. The personal skills that are needed to develop and maintain quality relationships are the same ones that are needed to successfully relate to horses. Horses are experts in reading body language, their survival depends on it. By taking away the 7% of communication that is verbal, you are able to concentrate on how they use your body to communicate, rapport build, lead and influence effectively.
Learn how to communicate with anyone
Horses live in a fluid social group (a herd) and play “push and be pushed” to establish a working hierarchy. Learning and observing their herd dynamics provide valuable insights into authentic leadership and effective teamwork.Horses are prey animals and humans are predators. Our hardwiring is completely different. Mastering how we can find a common ground for understanding and communicating opens up the dynamic opportunity to learn how to communicate with anyone, in any given circumstance.
This is not ‘role play’ – this is real life.
One of the first notable learning science anecdotes about experiential learning comes from Confucius who said in around 450BC – “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.”This is where the beauty of experiential learning lies. It is ‘the experience’ that makes the difference! The learning is much more ‘real’ and behavioural changes are longer lasting.We have found that this experiential learning experience has a very powerful impact on the programme’s participants.


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