Our Approach


We talk in the horse’s language

Many horse trainers focus on training a horse to behave in a certain way in response to ‘human’ signals. We keep our techniques close to how we believe horses relate to each other. One of the ways which makes us different is that we talk in the horse’s language, not ours. We aim to meet each horse where they are at. We want to be able to communicate effectively with the horse, so we have a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. One of the keys to this is to be able to put ourselves into the horse’s shoes, to view and understand the world from his perspective. A horse doesn’t speak our language, so can’t verbalise his feelings, emotions, wants and desires. The onus, therefore, is on us to read his body language and interpret what he is thinking.

Establishing ground rules and boundaries

In short, our approach towards the horse is one of awareness and curiosity — looking for a win-win outcome. It is our intention to get sufficient rapport with the horse, so he trusts us enough and feels safe – and consequently, has more fun. It is not about showmanship, dominance and invitation – it is about establishing ground rules and boundaries by consistently noticing the little things and constantly communicating.

Horses as nature intended

We keep our horses as nature intended as much possible. They live in a herd, have a barefoot farrier, are fed natural chemical-free feed, and are only stabled in emergencies.

Life is a journey!

We believe that life is a journey! We have spent numerous years observing horses both in the wild and in domestic settings, rethinking some of the more traditional methods of handling horses, taking lessons, testing new techniques and exploring different theories about how best to communicate effectively with horses. We definitely don’t presume to know all the answers and we keep an open mind with regard to new ideas and look forward to learning more.



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