Frequently Asked


Where do you run your programmes from?

We mainly run our programmes at our training venue in Northamptonshire, see more under ‘where we do it’. When the weather is less clementine we use an indoor facility in either Northamptonshire or Oxfordshire.


Are the programmes dependant on weather?

We run our programmes all year round.  The work with the horses is outside and so we offer our clients a choice of training venue.


What makes you different from other companies who run horse-based learning programmes?

The way we actually work with the horses – at both metaphorical and physiological level – is, we believe, different than other providers in the UK. We have a wealth of business experience and so ensure the learning insights gained when working with the horses is transferred directly into business and work place scenarios.


Who should attend our programmes? 

The programmes are suitable for everyone.  A lot of our work is with senior executives.  We have also run programmes for trainers, coaches, managers, sales personnel, customer interfacing staff, groups of individuals looking to further their personal development, as well as for troubled teens.


How many people do you recommend to attend a programme?

Over the years we have found the optimum number is 8 delegates – this enables us to maximise the learning experience for each delegate.  We have worked with groups of up to 16 utilising 2 or more facilitators.


How many days does the programme run over?

This depends entirely on your requirements.  We have run one day to eight day programmes with a varying mix of classroom and work with the horses.


Can I use a horse session as part of my leadership or management programme? 

Yes! This is one of the areas we specialise.  The flexibility of our programmes mean that we frequently work with organisations to run a one day programme as part of their larger, for example leadership, programme.


Can I use my company’s own facilitators?

We are happy to work with your coaches or facilitators on our programmes.  We fully brief in-house facilitators to ensure the maximum learning benefit for the participants.


Can the programme be tailored to meet my personal or company’s needs?

Yes and yes! We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you to identify your organisational business and development needs and then to develop a bespoke programme that meets your specific objects.


Will I be expected to ride and do I need to have experience of horses?

There will be no horse riding during the programmes, but you will have an opportunity to work with horses at liberty from the ground.  Our programmes appeal to horse lovers and people, who have had not interaction with horses, alike. The value of the programmes comes from the business and personal insights and is not influenced by the delegate’s previous experience of horses.


Are your horses specially trained to do this work?

No!  We believe in “talking in the horse’s language” and so consequently this work could be, and indeed has been done, with wild horses.  We choose our horses carefully to ensure they are safe and enjoy the interaction with humans.


How do you handle the delegate’s personal safety?

We always put your personal safety first.  We work with you to carry out risk assessments for each programme and every interaction with the horses is very closely supervised.


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